Interview: The Last Meal Chef

Our very first interview!

Mystery Mob!!

Happy Friday!! So, a few months back I was searching the interwebs looking for death row last meals, and I stumbled on Jack, who does something really neat. He recreates the last meals of famous criminals on his YouTube channel.

So we did what any good newsletter would do: we interviewed him

But before we get any further, let me reveal the answer to Wednesday’s riddle: 

I am in the middle of the sea,

But also in the desert.

Although you can see me once in a year,

I appear twice in a week.

What am I??

Answer: The letter E. 

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But I digress, we need to talk about Jack, the Last Supper chef. He’s also our first ever interview. What a legend!

Q: Can you summarize what you do?

Each week, I recreate the last meals of notable people. It’s not always a criminal or someone on death row. It can be anyone, from a Mobster, Serial Killer, Bank Robber or Musician. 

Then, after the meal is created, I delve into their life and crimes (if they committed any) and show the audience how to recreate their last meals on my YouTube channel.

Q: What made you start this up?  

I’ve always needed a creative outlet (we know the feeling, bud!) and I’ve always been a fan of true crime and cooking. One hungover Sunday, after binge-watching both cooking and true crime shows, the idea came to my girlfriend that I should start recreating Death Row meals. From then on, I’ve never really looked back!

Q: What’s your end goal? What are you building toward?

My end goal is to build a community who are interested is this bizarre and morbid subject as well! That's what gives me the inspiration to keep going and recording the videos. 

As much as I enjoy it and getting stuck in rabbit holes, I do love the feedback [from] people [who] look forward to it each week. [I also love that] it has them cooking also!

Q: What’s the oddest last meal you’ve cooked? 

Peter Kurten's last meal. He was a stomach-turning German serial killer from the [19]30s. Getting stuck [down] a rabbit hole about him was as equally as fascinating as [it was] repulsive. 

For his last meal he had a Wiener Schnitzel which is basically an Austrian dish of deep fried veal. Veal is something I don't eat because I think it's cruel but as I like to keep the recipes authentic. It's actually deep fried in lard and when I bit into it I heaved. 

It almost felt like he was haunting me from the grave. I do not recommend [it].

Q: Which subject’s story sent you down the longest internet rabbit hole?

Without a doubt Dutch Schultz. I do tend to enjoy the [19]20s/30s gangsters & bank robbers the most as they fascinate me more. I love the era - the jazz, illegal drinking, parties etc. 

But [Dutch Schultz] was a real character. A blood-thirsty bootlegger who controlled the Bronx and met his end in a New Jersey steakhouse. 

That was probably my favourite episode to create as well. I read 2 books about him in a week! 

Deep dive...into Jack’s pages!

So we told you at the top about Jack’s Youtube Channel. But he also has an associated podcast for both Apple (Apple podcasts) and Android (Spotify), as well as a personal blog! Check him out. 

The most recent one he did was Walter White’s last meal from Breaking Bad. Real fun. 

As always, 

Stay ‘spicious 

-Andy & Mark

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